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It was in her hotel room in Singapore in 2012 that photographer Anaïs Lopez first met Javan Mynah, a little black bird with yellow paws, a prominent tuft and a sharp throat sound. It woke her up from behind the window and kept on squeaking. Anaïs got intrigued by the bird, who - as she soon found out - was hated by most Singaporeans. And she started to investigate.

In ‘The Migrant’ Anaïs López tells the history of Javan Mynah. How he was once brought from Java for his singing talent and later ended up in London, where he got homesick and couldn’t sing anymore. A time of relocations and eventually years of persecution followed.

‘The Migrant’ is a story about a bird's remarkable life course, a story about how we deal with animals, the city's makeability and our attempt to shape an ideal society. At the same time, the story is a metaphor for our relationship with 'the migrant'.

In this layered project, using audio, video, text and photography, Anaïs López takes you on an unprecedented journey.

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This project is a collaboration with Prospektor, Fairytale, Heijdens Karwei and media partner Trouw & VPRO.

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Thanks to the generous support of NL Filmfonds, Stimuleringsfonds creatieve industrie and Free Press Unlimited we were able to make the app and radio doc.