Partners in crime

No project is done alone. I believe strongly in collaborations and I love to work together with other great artists. This list is far from complete. It is just an introduction to people, without whom I would not able to make these beautiful projects.

Hannes Wallrafen, one of my heroes. We worked together on a soundscape about IJburg. Also interesting Hannes started his own foundation see: Geluid in Zicht.

Mark Power, an inspiring and fantastic mentor that gives great guidance.

Sterre Sprengers. She has the incredible ability of being able to take 1000 pictures and selecting them into a focused story.

Thomas Vroege, master of editing and amazing filmmaker.
Anisleidy Martinez Fonseca, always full of positive energy, and a true intuitive filmmaker.
Together with Anisleidy, Paulien and Thomas we worked together on part 2 of Country without orphans.

Marga Rotteveel & Michl Sommer.
An incredible duo that made an amazing concept for Photoville for me. Curious? See Photoville.
With Marga Rotteveel we united are creativity and are started Docking Station. Check out our new initiative: Docking Station.

Gwion López. Founder of Visual Brothers, that can make any idea become reality.

Graphic designers
Linda Braber, a real partner in crime! we have been working together since 2007, she is an amazing graphic designer! She designed my thesis 'Liberate the city!' (see images) and my three books: 'Mika (17)', 'Als tijd niet bestaat' and 'Only in Burundi'.

Teun van der Heijden / Heijdens Karwei, an allround bookmaker, who made my last book 'In the beginning no bird sang' together.

Thanks to Jessie de Witt Huberts, Lisardo Fernández Ferreiro, Nieves López, Tanit López and Terry Ezra.

Paulien Bakker. master of tales. We work together on the beautiful project 'Country without orphans'.

Bo Tarenskeen, truly a master of the monologue.