'Only in Burundi'

'Only in Burundi' is a foremost a book but also an installation.
Here you can see some images of the book, this is a small impression.

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This project is a collaboration between Eva Smallegange (writer) en Anais Lopez (photographer).
Specifications: 148 x 192 mm / 264 pages / color / English and French / 12 stories & 80 color photos
Graphic Design Linda Braber

Price: €39,50 / 1200 copies / self published / few copies left! Do you want to order our book? Please send me an email at: postanais@gmail.com

Background information
The past two years my colleague Eva Smallegange (writer) and I worked on this book. We travelled to Burundi (Central Africa) and got to know this country, its inhabitants and its culture. Through photography and writing we show contemporary Burundian life in different strata of society. Tying all these colourful stories and images together was a long process, but the results are amazing.

We succeeded in making a book with a positive outlook, containing personal stories of our guide and main narrator Koky. He tells about his childhood and introduces ten of his friends from different strata of society such as: the manioc miller from whom he buys his flour, the princess who was once engaged to his brother, the president and his cousin the cow herder. They share their view on what you need to survive in this intriguing country, five years after the ending of the civil war that raged for years: to get things done you need the right connections.

Note: With the financial support of Stichting Sem Presser Archief and EHM we were able to travel to Burundi and thanks to the Charema Foundation for History and Arts and the people who bought the book in advance we were able to publish this project.