'No bird sang'

The project 'In the beginning no bird sang', a photo, video and sound installation, is about IJburg. Jean, a blind man, introduces me to this new part of Amsterdam. For 1,5 years I followed him. We walked the island for hours at a time. Jean is a really special man: he knows almost every bird in IJburg and has amazing stories to tell about all of them. The most important thing that I learned during my time with Jean is not to use my eyes, but to listen to the city. through his 'eyes' I photographed IJburg.

The result is a really special project, that consists not only of a publication and a photography and video installation, but a sound installation as well. The sound installation was made in collaboration with Hannes Wallrafen, an Amsterdam audiographic artist (and former photographer) who is blind as well. Together with Jean he made an audio portrait of IJburg.

Note: With the financial support of - amongst others - AFK - Mondriaan and various funds for the visually impaired and also thanks to the people who bought the book in advance we were able to make and publish this project.