'In my dreams ... part 2'

Multimediaal project, on viewing! Come and check it out!
At the OBA amsterdam until 31th October. Humanity House the Hague until 27 th November. WTC Amsterdam until 9 February 2017.

Curious about the work? See our trailer here.

Background: The project ‘In my dreams I want to become a tourist’ by journalist Paulien Bakker, film maker Anisleidy Martinez and photographer Anaïs Lopez shows how the lives of the authors and their three main subjects become entwined.

The authors travel to Rwanda as tourists to give a photography workshop in one of the orphanages that are about to be closed. Two boys, Hirwa (13) and Jean Cloude (11) draw their attention. The authors find out that these two orphans still have a mother, Farida (27), who lives in Kigali. After years of living in the protected surroundings of the orphanage in the countryside, the two boys travel to the big city. In Kigali they are like tourists, photographing the city. The young family tries to the adapt to their new life together and to the fast changing outside world. The old Rwanda, where the genocide took place that claimed the mother as one of its victims, is in clear contrast to the new and progressive Rwanda. At the same time the authors try to find their position in relation to the country and this family. The authors follow this new family, get involved in their daily problems and decide to intervene. Will they remain outsiders, turn in to aid workers or will they become part of the family?

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Thanks to the generous support of MiaP, AFK, Stroom and Josine de Bruyn Kops fonds we were able to make this project.