Artist statement

Anaïs López is a visual artist based in Amsterdam, and works with still and moving images. She graduated from the Royal Art Academy in The Hague in 2006 and did a two year Masters at Art Academy St.Joost in Breda researching narrative structures and documentary strategies. In her current practice, photography has become more and more a means and not an end in itself. The final presentation reflects the collaborations that she undertook during the work process of each project.

Besides working for magazines as an independent photographer, she makes documentaries about things that matter to her. In doing so, she consciously chooses to step outside the well-known paths of presentation method and platforms traditionally suitable for the medium. In her work she investigates how people live in the city. What fascinates her is how people try to find (or make) a place in an urban area. The main question she askes in her work is whether people define the city and society they live or is it the other way around.

She uses her camera as a tool to capture interaction between people and the city, switching back and forth between macro an micro levels. In this manner she try to combine the image of a city with a personal story and thus builds a bridge between private and public spheres. Quite often her projects are not only about how we deal with our direct environment but also how we deal with 'the other'. She is co-director of Docking Station, a photography platform based in Amsterdam that helps international photographers to move their stories forward.