Artist statement

Anaïs López (1981) is a visual artist based in Amsterdam, who works with still and moving images. She graduated from the Royal Art Academy in The Hague in 2006 and did a two year Masters at the Art Academy St.Joost in Breda researching narrative structures and documentary strategies.

Besides working for magazines as an independent photographer, she makes documentaries about things that matter to her. In her work she investigates how people live in the city. What fascinates her is how people try to find (or make) a place in an urban area. The main theme in her word concerns the makeability of the city. In her most recent project The Migrant she has gone one step further and investigated not just the makeability of the city, but of society as a whole. The Migrant isn’t just about how we relate ourselves to the city, but about how we deal with ‘the other’. The government of Singapore is trying to create an ideal city, but how desirable is that plan and who gets left out?

Anaïs López is a storyteller above all else. Her work reflects this. In her current practice, photography has become more and more a means to an end and not an end unto itself. She switches between micro and macro levels and tries to combine the image of the city with a personal story, thus building a bridge between the private and the public spheres. She often undertakes collaborations with experts from other disciplines, artists and others, if the story demands it. Her final presentation reflects these collaborations. She consciously chooses to step outside of the usual presentation forms and platforms to reach new and different audiences. The Migrant for example is a book, an interactive web documentary, a radio documentary and a live performance, where Anaïs López tells the story live to small audiences with a monumental book that contains photographs, golden silk screens, comics and two pop-up images of Mynah, the protagonist of the story of The Migrant.

Anaïs López is also the co-founder and co-director of Docking Station, a photography platform based in Amsterdam that helps international photographers to move their stories forward, by connecting them tot experts from different fields.