A magical photo notebook

A magical notebook! A photo notebook that possesses an amazing power! The power to send an orphan to school. How cool is that? Want to test it? Order one and it becomes reality. How? For every 25 euro you donate, you get a photo notebook with beautiful pictures made by the children.
3 books = 1 year primary school

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The back story: What happens if a country suddenly closes all its orphanages? Where are the most vulnerable children going to end up? A few weeks before L'Esperance Children’s Village in Rwanda shut its doors, we (filmmaker Anisleidy Martínez, writer Paulien Bakker and me) decided to go to Rwanda and visit this last orphanage. We wanted to investigate. We gave a photography course to the 32 remaining children. The orphanage is located on the edge of Lake Kivu, bordering Congo. There is no electricity, no tap water, and there are no mirrors. With camera in hand, the children learned to look at themselves and their world. They photographed their brothers and sisters before they were sent to live miles away from each other.
Once we got back to the Netherlands, we couldn't just leave them to their fate. We had a collection of amazing images so we came up with this crazy idea: let's make a beautiful photo notebook with their pictures, and sell them so we can help them to school. Our goal is to raise as much money as we can to send as many orphans as possible to school.